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How would you like to be rewarded for sharing your opinion?

Research Tribe is looking for people take part in research. You could become a mystery shopper, product tester or simply share your opinion through paid surveys, focus groups and more.

It’s not a suitable replacement for a job, but it’s a great way to work from home and earn additional income. There’s no experience necessary and there is never any obligation to take part.

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Further Information

For anyone looking for intriguing work that rewards you whilst providing the opportunity to make a difference, mystery shopper jobs are ideal. There are projects across the UK which need people like you to relay information about your experience in shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and more.

The company you’re researching receives impartial and accurate knowledge from your research and they’re happy to pay for the privilege. The results you provide can be analysed to show a number of points, such as whether there are staff that need extra training or if additional investment is required to improve the standards desired.

This level of feedback is exceptionally valuable to a business and that’s why it’s possible to get paid for being a mystery shopper. If you are wondering what the catch is, there’s only one. It’s not a suitable replacement for a job and should be considered additional income.

Due to the nature of mystery shopping, there are minimal entry requirements as we require a wide range of demographics to represent an average customer. Having a confident attitude and good memory are both beneficial as you will need to prompt reactions and service from the staff, as well as remember mental notes about what is going on around you. In some cases, you might be required to undergo training for higher paid and more exclusive secret shopper assignments.

Once you are registered, which is completely free and does not require any form of paid subscription, you are added to the database. If your profile matches what a client requires you’re offered the assignment (each opportunity will vary depending on the client and what they want to focus on). As you can see, it’s an exciting opportunity!


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